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Medical Services Promoting
Personal and Family Health

At Genovese Primary Care, Dr. Genovese’s goal is to provide patients with the best medical care and personal service as possible. Dr. Genovese’s focus is on promoting personal and family health through caring, education and disease prevention.

Genovese Primary Care website provides you with information to more effectively and efficiently care for you as our patient. From this website there are multiple options that you have, including accessing links to Health Education Resources. With easy and convenient access to the Online Appointment Request Forms on every website page, Genovese Primary Care provides you the opportunity to request an online appointment at your convenience. With the most up to date and current medical services, technology, trends and healthcare information at your convenience, Dr. Genovese and the friendly and highly trained staff at Genovese Primary Care are available to help you achieve your optimum health and well-being.

Each year, millions more people visit family physicians than doctors in any other specialty – making family physicians the most popular physicians in America. Their breadth of training, preventive approach to healthcare and reasonable fees make family physicians your best value in medicine today.

Children and Teen Health

Dr. Genovese’ extensive medical training includes caring for patients ages seven and older. As your child grows and develops, Dr. Genovese performs routine annual physicals, school physicals, camp physicals, sports physicals, well and sick check-ups and is available to provide you with the most reliable medical information you need to help you and your family pursue good health and wellness for a lifetime.

As your child grows from childhood into adolescence and adulthood, you can rely on Genovese Primary Care to provide you with the most current and up to date medical care and advice for many the many health concerns you have for your growing children. Encouraging healthy lifestyles for patients of all ages, Dr. Genovese is available to answer any questions you or your child may have about health education concerns.

From sunburn and chiggers to more complicated health matters such as asthma treatment, allergies, headaches, eating disorders, skin cancer, depression, anxiety, juvenile diabetes, skin disorders, wart treatment, drug and alcohol abuse, obesity or anorexia and weight management or how to provide advice to your teen to quit smoking, and guard against teen alcoholism, Dr. Genovese is available to answer your confidential questions while providing comprehensive health evaluations for your entire family.

Women's Health

At Genovese Primary Care, Dr. Genovese understands how stressful and over extended women’s lives can become. Some of the leading threats to women’s health can be managed with proactive healthcare.

Patients can’t control or eliminate risk factors in family history. Talking to Dr. Genovese about family health history such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, weight management, and / or mental health symptoms are the first steps in developing a realistic plan to improve your health. Good health begins by implementing lifestyle changes proven to prevent some of the most serious threats to women’s health.

During your appointment with her, Dr. Genovese will give you the opportunity to talk about your health history. With an emphasis on preventive health education, recommendations will be individualized and may begin by providing you with educational, practical information and resources to assist you in your efforts to quit smoking, reduce stress or become more active through exercise and diet while introducing healthy lifestyle changes. The decision of how to improve your health will be discussed with you by Dr. Genovese to determine the most appropriate steps to ensure a lifetime of optimal health.

Senior Health

Dr. Genovese’s medical training includes geriatrics expertise. As your primary care physician, Dr. Genovese’s training in senior care provides you and your senior loved one with the most comprehensive medical evaluation and care available. Caring for your senior family members often requires the expertise of a dedicated primary care physician who can diagnosis sometimes less obvious symptoms for failing health in seniors, like decreased interest in eating.

Good nutrition is critical to overall health and well-being. Older adults often have health problems, such as chronic ailments and illnesses including COPD, joint pain, osteoarthritis or arthritis and headaches or even dental issues that can lead to decreased appetite or trouble eating. Other factors that might play a role in declining health are joint pain or the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. The use of certain medications, sometimes prescribed for pain management and other long-term conditions, may impact on appetite or a diminished sense of smell or taste. Even small dietary changes can make a big difference in an older adult’s health and well-being.

Genovese is available to discuss your concerns for the health of all of the family members in your life and recommends annual physicals once a year as your loved one advances in age. Dr. Genovese may recommend vaccines preventing flu and shingles and can advise on additional preventive and safety measures to protect and extend the healthy lifestyle of your aging loved one. Dr. Genovese is your family’s medical expert, providing personal and medical care for your senior loved one.


In her training as a primary care medical physician, Dr. Genovese’s evidence based technical knowledge and medical studies support immunizations. Vaccines have had enormous impact on improving the health of children and adults in the United States. Fortunately, most people in the United States have never seen first-hand the devastating consequences that vaccine-preventable diseases have on a family or community. While these diseases are not common in the U.S., they persist around the world. Dr. Genovese believes how important it is to reach every child and adult and advises her patients according to the Centers of Disease Control recommendations to follow CDC guidelines for immunizations. At Genovese Family Medicine, Dr. Genovese believes it is important to protect the three generations of family members she cares for and the surrounding community she serves, from preventable diseases.

Health Education

The website resources listed below are provided for your convenience by Genovese Primary Care. Always schedule an appointment with Dr. Genovese, your family doctor and primary care physician, who will provide you with the most up-to-date, current medical and personal services possible while caring for your individual health concerns.

At your appointment, Dr. Genovese encourages your participation in your wellness and is available to answer any questions you may have about your medical condition and/or symptoms while determining a course of treatment.

The websites below include information from the most credible and reliable medical resources available in modern medicine, from organizations and sources devoted to protecting the health and safety of populations across our country and around the world.

Health Maintenance and Prevention

The American Academy of Family Physicians Health Information for the whole family.

The CDC Centers for Disease Control resource with information about how to Learn More About the Importance of Family Health History


Drugs.com provides independent information on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and natural products; includes a pill identifier and interactions checklist.

MedlinePlus provides extensive information about drugs, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, interactive patient tutorials, and latest health news.

Women's Health

Healthy Women website provides women with the latest health information, including news updates, health tips, resources, and extensive coverage of hundreds of health topics.

The National Institute of Health's Osteoporosis and Related Bone Disease website provides information on osteoporosis and bone related disorders.

Behavioral Health and Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous

Eating Disorders

Mental Health

Developmental Disabilities

Substance Abuse

Diabetes Resources

American Diabetes Association

Cornerstones4Care - Resources for diabetic patients

Hypertension Rersources

High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Heart Health
American Heart Association

Medical Services and Conditions Treated


Annual and Employee Physicals
Camp Physicals
Sports Physicals
School Physicals

Well Visits

Allergy Injections
Weight Management
Diabetes Treatment
Vaccines / Immunizations
Vision Screening

Dermatology / Skin Care

Care of Minor Lacerations
Cryo-therapy Surgery
Small Burn Treatment
Suture Removal
Wart Treatment


Allergy Injections
B-12 Injections

Sick Visits

Same Day Appointments are Available Upon Request.

Albuterol / Breathing Nebulizer Treatments
Allergic Reactions
Asthma Attacks
Cold and Flu


Ear Infections
Muscle Strains
Pink Eye
Sports Injuries
Upper Respiratory Conditions
Viral Syndromes

Testing & Procedures

Asthma Testing
Blood Pressure Checks
Diabetes Treatment
Ear Wax Removal
Hearing Test
Hypertension Treatment
Influenza Testing
Mononucleosis Screening
Nebulizer Treatments
Peak Flow Meter
Pulse Oximetry
Streptococcal Screens
Tuberculosis Test

Conditions Treated

Cardiovascular Issues
Concussion Symptoms
Ear Infections
Ear Irrigation/Cerumen Removal
High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Infectious Disease
Joint Pain
Low thyroid levels
Muscle Strains
Skin disorders (including acne, dermatitis and chiggers)
Upper respiratory conditions (including asthma, COPD, chronic cough, chronic sinusitis and sinus infections)
Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s)
Viral Illnesses
Weight management